As renewable energy consultants we offer technical and strategic services on identifying renewable energy resourcing for your industry ranging from strategic advice and feasibility studies to detailed engineering.

We have the knowledge and expertise to increase the share of renewable energy (and feedstocks) in industry, including operational costs.

Our services include:

On-site feasibility studies on renewable energy sources (wind, geothermic, solar, hydropower, bio based resources)
Feasibility studies on utilization of waste streams for energy generation (Waste to Energy,Biofuels etc.)
Energy Management (e.g. Smart Grids)
Integrating Renewable Energy in Existing Infrastructure
Support on Environmental, Spatial, Building Permitting Processes
Stakeholder Management
Business Case Assessment & Evaluation
Selection of renewable energy supply solutions
Conceptual Design & Detailed Engineering
Energy Monitoring

Contact Info:

Phone: 041 582 4582
Fax: 086 541 2062
Phone: 033 347 4586
Fax: 086 541 2062

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